Q: Why some hosts don't  reply NBT query?
A: Maybe the host had been shutdowned, or it's firewall blocked all querys, Now you can setup it's firewall  to pass the NBT query. The port is UDP 137.

Q: Can I record the notify sound file myself ?
A: Yes , you can record the sound to a wave file by the following steps:.
Open the "Setup" dialogbox and select the "sound" tab. Click the browse button, and you will see a "record" button
in the new popuped window. Now you can record .

Q: Why I can't send a message to a remote PC ?
A: You should start the "Messenger" service in the remote PC, the service will be disabled by default.

Q: Does sending signal mail support smtp code-checking method ?
A: Yes , you only need to choose "SMTP Need Logon" in mail window , and input correct username/password.

Q: Can I Email to more than one administrator ?
A: Yes ,you can send mail to at most 256 administrators simultaneity .

Q: Can I write the Email body by myself ?
A: Yes ,you can write email body and email subject by yourself. even you can use the MACRO such as <NAME>/<HOST>/<DATE TIME>/<EVENT>/<LOST RATE> to get information of current items.

Q: Can I setup the username which I used to send notify mail ?
A: Yes , you can setup it in "Email Name:" section of "Mail" setup dialogbox.

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