Q: Can I stop all queries temporarily while not deleting them ?
A: Yes , you can choose "start service "or "stop service" from "Services " menu or tray menu and the Quick Ping Monitor will begin or stop all queries at once .

Q: Does sending signal mail support smtp code-checking method ?
A: Yes , you only need to choose "SMTP Need Logon" in mail window , and input correct username/password.

Q: Can I Email to more than one administrator ?
A: Yes ,you can send mail to at most 256 administrators simultaneity .

Q: Can I write the Email body by myself ?
A: Yes ,you can write email body and email subject by yourself. even you can use the MACRO such as <NAME>/<HOST>/<DATE TIME>/<EVENT>/<LOST RATE> to get information of current items.

Q: Can I watch items less than one second?
A: Yes , you can watch every items at least 50 MS !

Q: Can I change the packet size of ping?
A: Yes , you can set the packet length of ping from 12 bytes to 65500 bytes !

Q: Can I suspend monitoring some items and still monitor the other items?
A: Yes , you can suspend or resume monitoring the selected items by the right-click menu !

Q: Can I setup the username which I used to send notify mail ?
A: Yes , you can setup it in "Email Name:" section of "Mail" setup dialogbox.

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